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The Court Won’t Be on Your Side, so Who Will Be?

Hire a criminal defense attorney serving Deerfield and Des Plaines, IL

Have you recently been charged with a crime? While the court and prosecutors are preparing for your case and hoping for a conviction, what are you doing to prepare your defense? If “nothing” is your answer, you’re likely looking at a conviction and all the consequences that come with it.

Start building your defense with an experienced, effective criminal defense attorney in Deerfield and Des Plaines, Illinois by calling The Law Offices of George G. Livas. Over his 20+ years in Chicagoland, Mr. Livas has represented many clients in DUI cases and other misdemeanor and felony charges.

To have the experience of a skilled, respected attorney on your side in the Cook County and Lake County courtrooms, call The Law Offices of George G. Livas today.


Get the best possible outcome in your DUI case

DUI defense in Chicagoland, IL

You may have a friend or someone you know who has gotten a DUI. You probably witnessed what they went through: the driving restrictions, the fines, the insurance costs. That doesn’t necessarily have to be the case for you. You can build a solid DUI defense with The Law Offices of George G. Livas.

We’ll examine every aspect of your case, including the arrest and any field sobriety tests, to build the best defense and seek the most positive outcome. If a conviction is likely, we’ll work to minimize the consequences and preserve your driving privileges. Call today to get started building your DUI defense in Des Plaines, IL.

Don’t wait to start working on your defense

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The sooner you speak with your attorney about your criminal defense case is the sooner they can begin working on your case. At The Law Offices of George G. Livas, we’ll let you know what to expect in your case, guide you through the entire process and be here for you after the verdict. For professional legal counsel and representation intended solely on getting you the best outcome in your case, call and make your appointment with Mr. Livas today.

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